Try It Out!

Reach Your Customers In New Ways

Chances are you’ve come across QR codes in some form or another in the past year. These barcodes are a fantastic way to market your brand or send your customers a personalized message.

Here are just a few ways adding a QR code to your calendar can help take your marketing to the next level:

  1. QR codes promote sharing and networking.
  2. A QR code can be used as a call to action.
  3. Share additional information about your company.
  4. Use a QR code to get creative with your marketing.
  5. Connect your online and offline media.
  6. You can measure your QR code’s effectiveness.
  7. Customers love them!

Sparta is proud to offer our clients the ability to add QR codes to their imprint or the inside of their calendar cover.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get your custom message across.

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